12 thoughts on “It’s Working for Me

  1. I love, love, love the piggy butt planter. It reminds me of that picture that they send around at Easter with the babies at the fence and it says happy keester.
    Thanks for making me smile.


  2. Hi Suzy,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and it is so nice to meet you. Goodness gracious what a beautiful, happy and fun blog you have. Your banner is delightful and you desk – well- HAPPY and PRETTY and WHIMSY are the words that come to my mind.
    Thank you for brightening my morning.


  3. What a great idea, that pink magnetic tray/display board is. I think I’ll steal that one!


  4. Your amazing ideas fascinate, inspire and make me want to create wonderful things! I just love your whole collage of fabulous colors and the spirit of creativity that is so apparent in your art! Awesome!!!


  5. Ok, how do you have that tray hung on the wall? I’ve wanted to do something similar, just can’t figure out a way without making it look tacky!!!!


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