13 thoughts on “Who Knew Slugs Could Be Cute

  1. Hi Suzy – congrats. on your win! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day celebration, and that your were spoiled rotten!
    Well this is great news that you will be in town with Beth on 2/28. I’ve marked my calendar and, providing nothing unforeseen happens, I’ll catch up with you at SuzAnna’s around noon that day. I was just over there this afternoon and Jenny and I were chatting about you coming by. I was naughty, bought a few things I needed for the dining room/entry make overs – but am thrilled with them.
    Looking forward to seeing you.
    Hugs – Mary.


  2. I am loving those slugs! If you are going to be listing some on Etsy or want to do a trade let me know! I would love a bunch of those! Congrats on your big win of a box of slugs (funny the things we get excited about!)


  3. Yours are the first slugs I’ve come across that I actually wouldn’t mind having around! And they’re fuzzy and not slimy…even better!!


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