Part 2 – A Gem of a Discovery

After the high of shopping at SuzAnna's Antiques and visiting with the ladies, Beth and I jumped into the peachmobile and headed back up the road towards Hampton.  There were however a few good daylight hours left and a few dollars still in our wallets so we buzzed through the lovely little historic downtown of Warrenton, NC.

The rain was coming down pretty hard by now, but we parked and slipped and slid across the street and stumbled into the most incredible vintage clothing haven.

The store's name is Catchpenny's and the lovely proprietor is Bobbi Corker.


I stole this picture from Beth.  Good shot girlfriend.

I was completely in awe of her collection of vintage clothing. 




   Now I have two reasons to return to North Carolina sometime soon. 

9 thoughts on “Part 2 – A Gem of a Discovery

  1. OMG….I want a lamp!!! And…the fabric you used on the purse….my grandparents had a couch made out of that and I’ve found one very close to it that I would LOVE to get…..I think you and I have a lot of the same tastes….too bad we don’t live closer….lol.


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