14 thoughts on “Little Project

  1. Hi,
    Your bags are adorable- goodness – everything you make is wonderful. You are so creative.
    Have a wonderful week.


  2. Suzy Q,
    What about this, my first blog…your site is mezerising, kept it as a favorite. How did you hang the magnetic board that sits on your wall in your office. I have two hokey pucks that I would like to put in my hubby’s office. Also, can I buy a vintage hankie from you? I think I will need one for Kelly’s wedding.


  3. Your eye for color and lovely stitching is absolutely exquisite! I just love your artwork! The fabrics used here are unbelievably beautiful! Great collection!
    (Also want you to know how much I appreciate your continuing support while my husband is healing from heart surgery! Thank you!)


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