Back to It

Our crazy 96 hour trip to Florida is behind us.  The kids had fun and we all are sick of Interstate 95.


My BIL's sister Gina and her mate Robin have the most awesome house right by the beach.  Great colors and beautiful tile work throughout the house.  Every time I visit it makes me want to move to Florida with a large can of pink paint.



Where does a Georgia Peach eat when she goes to Florida?  Yummy!



Mr Peachez had time to chill out too.    

10 thoughts on “Back to It

  1. That house is so totally you! I love it. Glad you guys had a nice time. I’ve spent some hours like that on 95- so fun- not!


  2. Oh gosh==so bright and cheerful. And right on the beach! I’d have to say it just might be worth sitting in traffic in order to get there. lucky you!


  3. Ahh, Florida . . . sun and the beach . . . beautiful shocking pink chairs, gorgeous tile and palm trees . . . sounds wonderful!! (But not the traffic on I-95!) Glad you had a fun trip!


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