11 thoughts on “How would you like your eggs?

  1. oooh! Lusciousness. It makes me a little less envious that you and Beth come across such fabulous doos and dads seeing that you actually use them. 😉


  2. That is one of the cutest eggs I have ever seen! I would leave it out year round. Where in the world did you get Emu eggs??


  3. I most definetly like my eggs over the top!! There is no other way to have them then dripping with jewells, flowers and ribbons….yep serve me those eggs any day.
    Kiss Noises Linda Happy Easter Suzy!!


  4. Love this gorgeous egg! Sure hope you had a great Easter! We did now that Jim is home from the hospital. He had open-heart surgery March 17 and then was readmitted when he received too many blood thinners. I wasn’t able to blog for a bit since I was at the hospital every day. We are so glad to be home. I am looking forward to having time to list some feedsack stuff but my days are so busy I can’t believe it!
    Your trip to Florida looked like great fun! Whooo I love the pink and yellow!!!


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