Fun for a Friend

I made a little girl's apron today, at the request of a friend.  It's for her daughter, she likes to cook.  The mom picked out a fun combination of Mary E. fabric and big polka dots.  Perfect!



14 thoughts on “Fun for a Friend

  1. That is so cute! I have been searching the shops for a while, trying to find aprons for two BOYS, and not even little ones, at that! (they’re 10 and 11, so an adult apron is too big, but a kiddy one is tiny.) I finally realised that the solution was to make them myself, and I’ve made them out of sober blue oilcloth, which seems to have gone down very well. It would be fun to have a girl too, though…


  2. Wow, what a great apron! Such a cute design and how can you miss with ME’s scotties, lots of red with giant polka dots and those darling flower buttons. She will love it!


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