Concrete Creations

That's the name of a store in Virginia Beach that sells, yup, concrete statuary.  That along with a few other hardscape items for the garden.  I love this store because I love concrete "stuff" for my garden and I love their reasonable prices. 

I especially love my seashell planters that sit on top of a short brick wall in the corner next to the driveway.  They give me a chance to add color to that spot every year and they help provide a bit extra privacy.



I just stopped into Concrete Creations last week to replace a small conch shell planter that had been stolen (those bastards!) from my yard.  They are offering some new paint colors that I absolutely love!  Pink, aqua, lilac, and orange. 

I got the replacement conch shell planter in aqua.


I have always loved the seahorse bird baths that have been around forever.  They offer them in 3 sizes and I picked out the medium size to use more as a plant stand in the garden.  In yellow!


I'm throwin' in this picture of one of the concrete hosta leaves that my mother makes just because I love them.


I mulched the entire yard this past weekend, that was about 7 yards of mulch that I spread.  So I will have some lovely garden shots soon.  The hostas are really starting to pop up. 

9 thoughts on “Concrete Creations

  1. Hi there! I always love dropping in to see what you’re up to. Work!!! That’s what you’ve been up to. Hope it will pay off soon. The little glimpses of your yard shows it reflects your personality. Sweet!


  2. hiya, I know that place! Im at the north end of chesapeake. I use to work at coleman nursery and we ordered from them all the time. one of my favorite pieces was the alligator that came in 4 parts and looked like it was swimming in the mulch. (mauh) Liz


  3. You have got some beautiful containers for your garden. Are they concrete or hyper-tufas? Hyper tufas are lighter because concrete is mixed with perlite and/or paper. I have one posted on my blog that a girl makes here in Connecticut. I gave one to my Mom also Thanks for sharing. I love that stuff, too. I have lots of garden ornamentation. 🙂


  4. I love your sea color theme of your garden! The bird bath in particular is just wonderful. Can’t wait to see the yard in bloom. Elizabeth


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