Believe it or not this beauty was a grocery store purchase 2 years ago.  If you are like me I shy away from plants at the grocery store thinking that I will get them home and then they will fade and die.


This gorgeous braided azalea is more full and beautiful than when I purchased it at the chain grocery store.

And I don't do anything to it, just trim it after blooming and keep it outside all year long. wow.


The blossoms on this plant should be vibrating because that is how loud the jet engine noise is over my house today.

This weekend is the USAF AirPower air show at Langley AFB.  Hampton is home to Langley and every year the USAF Thunderbirds come to town for this spectacular show.


(Adrin Snider, Daily Press / April 22, 2009)

Normally the flight paths in and out of Langley go right out over the ocean so we don't have much jet noise, but this week the Thunderbirds are practicing for the show right over my house!! 

What, what did you say, I can't hear you!

12 thoughts on “Stunner!

  1. It is stunning! The blooms and the color alone are gorgeous, never mind that it is braided. It doesn’t matter where it comes from..beautiful is beautiful. I SAID, BEAUTIFUL IS BEAUTIFUL…can you hear me now?
    ♥, Susan


  2. Absolutely lovely. My mum has one she bought at Marks and Spencer years and years ago, and just this year, for the first time, it has flowered like yours. She, too, is delighted.


  3. I can relate, because I grew up in the city the SF airport is is, and that was in the years before they passed the sound legislation!


  4. Beautiful Plant. So far I’ve been lucky with my grocery store plants. I love it when the air force planes fly overhead. Bet it’s not neat though for long periods of time. Hope you have some earplugs;)


  5. The thing I most miss about the DC area are the azaleas! It is too cold in Ohio for them. Thank you so much for reminding of this beautiful plant this time of year! Elizabeth


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