Another One Done

Last week for 3 days in a row, Cox was doing some work in the neighborhood so the cable was completely out.  No phone. No internet.  No TV.  Horrors!

The weather was lovely so I jumped on a couple of my back burner projects.

This one is finished.  It was pretty easy peasy.  Just paint. 

This bench came from an estate sale a few years ago.  It set me back a whopping $3.  It's incredibly sturdy and I display plants on it out on the patio.


Blah, blah gray paint.  And dirt.


Sunny yellow now, much better.  The old red/black birdhouse got a face lift too :-> 

13 thoughts on “Another One Done

  1. Love it. I am looking for some old benches for my flowers. I have a bunch of old fence posts and might attempt to make a couple. Love yellow paint!


  2. I really like the shape of your garden that is edged with bricks. I want to do that back by the stone wall…make a garden with gentle rounded curves. Very nice.


  3. Isn’t it fun to play around in the yard and garden? I so enjoy moving things about and adding birdhouses and enjoying the wildlife. (That was a damned good buy!)


  4. I love the bench before or after. Can’t find enough $3 deals these days! Thanks for stopping by to see my French Flea photos!


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