It Was Grand

Oh man, how I do love Mother's Day.  The one day that I get a total pass on everything.  I hope it was a great day for everyone, even if you aren't a mom.  The weather here was so glorious.

I usually find myself in the garden centers (often more than once a day) at this time of year.  Friday, in anticipation of a great weekend I treated myself to a visit to my favorite local plant hot spot.  After loading up my cart outside I headed inside just to make a quick tour around of the indoor greenhouse.  That's when I spotted this!


I've been watching the progress of a similar flower stalk over at my favorite gardener's blog (Brenda's!). 


This handsome guy is a Hedgehog Aloe and just look at that bloom stalk.  He's not quite winter hardy here in my zone 8 garden so I have yet another plant to bring indoors with me this winter.  hmmmm.

Two weeks ago the mailman brought me a package from one of my all time favorite  nurseries. 

I ordered one of their weird and wonderful voodoo lilies.

I planted him straight away and now it is popping through the mulch in it's pot.

oh yeah.  This will be a fun one to watch!


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