My passionflower vine or "maypop" has just gone crazy this year.  It must be covered with 100 buds and they have just started to open. 



These vines grew wild down the street from our house in Atlanta when I was a little girl.  They produce a round fruit that is edible or better yet, makes a big "pop" when you stomp on it.  Guess which one we did as little kids. 

The flower is so unique, I love it.


7 thoughts on “MayPop

  1. Oh wow you have one of these plants! I saw this plant at a small garden center and thought it was so pretty and usual. I just love how it looks like it should eat you or something.


  2. I have never seen one of these plants before and I just love it!
    I will have to send my husband off to the Garden Center to get one of these…thank you for sharing these pictures!


  3. Grows in my zone? I never knew…you can believe I will be getting one!
    Thanks for sharing.


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