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The constant downpour outside dictates that I must stay in, therefore I must sew!

I'm working my way through that stack of fabric that I just cut out.

Three purses down, two more to go before I must pull out the fabric and scissors again.


We did squeeze in a movie though.  Star Trek.  Loved it.

9 thoughts on “Default Settings

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am thinking I need the strawberry one!! Let me know when you plan on putting it on etsy!!! TOOO PRETTY!!
    This weather is the pits! We drove all the way back from the beach in it and I feel drowned!!!


  2. Oh I just love the bags you made. They are too sweet. I think I want one of them, or pehaps all three! You are very talented!!! I saw Star Trek too and I loved it and I don’t even really like the show! Happy Creafting, Blessings and Hugs, Deanna


  3. Loving these bags!!! Typical me….is there any way to make them just a bit bigger/longer? The strawberry one is great and I love the colors in the other one. You really know what to do with a rainy day.
    ♥, Susan


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