20 thoughts on “Make it Stop!

  1. Yep! Even my 11 year old Grandson thinks the ads are stupid! You should have tried to shop for $1.00 flip-flops on Saturday. It was crazy. Or I should say the people who were waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours to pay were crazy! We left! Their flip-flops are only $2.50 any other day!


  2. So funny you should mention that ‘cuz yesterday a friend & I were talking about the mannequins as we walked past an Old Navy. She said they didn’t want to pay real models hence the “dummies”. Mannequins in general freak me out…you know what I’m talking about if you went to department stores in the 60s. They looked freakishly real – esp. creepy were the children mannequins. I still remember that scary horror movie back then where the mad scientist took real people and put them into hot wax and turned them into mannequins…see, why I was always creeped out? lol.


  3. Oh these scare me as much as the commercials that look like computer generated people only shadowy. They are for an investment firm. And wait, what about the fake women who are swimming and then rip of their suits to reveal two pieces and then float all together in a hot tub! EEEK these type of ads unnerve me! Have a wonderful week! E


  4. I so agree. And what’s even scarier is that they have the same mannequins on display in the Old Navy stores. Wow, are they creepy!


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