Treasures from Oklahoma

I've been consumed this past two weeks with a task.  That task was to assist my FIL with his move from Enid, OK to Williamsburg, VA.

I spent a week in Enid helping my FIL sort through his house that was full of a life time accumulation of belongings.  My FIL is a retired General and has traveled the globe during his career.   His home was stuffed full of many beautiful treasures.  My task was to help him sort through all of it determining what he wanted to keep.  We also divided up many things to be passed on to my husband and his sisters.

My beautiful MIL passed about 1.5 years ago and now it was time for Dad to move closer to his family here on the east coast.

Many of those beautiful treasures came to my house to be passed on to our family.  My MIL had champagne taste and she collected many beautiful things.  She was quite the collector too. 

To my great surprise and delight, this is one of the treasures passed on to me.


I nearly passed out on the floor when I opened up this box!


A Singer Featherweight 221 in the original case with all the manuals and accessories.  This machine is in immaculate condition too. 


This machine has been passed down through her family and I don't have all the history on it yet, but I will treasure this for a long time. 

20 thoughts on “Treasures from Oklahoma

  1. Isn’t it great! So shiny and immaculate. I bet you can’t help looking at it. And can’t wait to use it. If only it could speak.


  2. Hi Suzy, thanks for your sweet comment about me and my dear old friend – she is the funniest gal and we have such a great time when we get together. I’m thinking of a trip home and staying with her perhaps next year – it will be one long laugh I know!
    That was a difficult project you undertook to assist your FIL, but how grateful he must be. I hope his move to VA goes well and that he’ll be happy once settled near you.
    As for the Singer, wow! how great to own one of these little beauties – I know you will enjoy it.
    Your garden looks lovely – great perennial border. Plant Delights is awesome but so expensive – I’ve had to stop going!!
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs – Mary.


  3. wowowow, what a lucky woman you are! keep us posted as to what you find out about your gem, year made, where made, yadayadayada. gonna name it? My friend and boss at the Quilting Bee, mary beth, in chesapeake knows alot about feather wts. she could give you some advice on it. did it come with a quarter inch foot? if not, MB can order one for you. I learned how to sew on a fether wt waaaaaaay back in the 60’s. I would like to get one myself and will when the funds are avaible. hope your FIL likes the billyburg area, alot of military retirees are there.(mauh) Liz


  4. Oh Suzy, my jaw positively dropped when I saw that! I wanted a feather weight for many years. And finally I put one on layaway and got it a few years ago. But yours is truly in the very best condition; I can tell. You LUCKY, LUCKY girl!


  5. It is a perfect memento, given to the most perfect person. I know how much you loved your mother in law, and I am touched that you have that wonderful memory of her for your sewing studio.
    ♥, Susan


  6. Hi Suzy,
    The sewing machine is incredible. Immaculate. I’m not too far from Enid and had a favorite great aunt and uncle who lived there. My mother and grandparents are from Pond Creek a small town close to Enid which I’m sure your FIL knows of. I could go on and on but I’ll stop:)


  7. Hi Suzy, I’ve just been reading all about your newly acquired treasures and thinking how fabulous all these treasures are and what fun it is for you to decide where you’ll put them all! It’s always hard for people to down-size but your FIL surely is happy to have some of his collections going to your wonderful home! Of course, the sewing machine is just too too amazing! Enjoy!!!


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