Perfect Weather

The weather here couldn't be more perfect.  Our usual humidity hasn't made an appearance this weekend and the skys are blue with big fluffy white clouds.

MrPeachez and I took a little road trip to Urbanna, VA.  Urbanna is a small town (pop. 750) that is big on coastal charm.  Originally a tobacco port it is now just a sleepy little place to go and relax.  Boating is the main industry and the seafood is outstanding. 

First we had a little lunch at the crab shack right down on the water.  Crabcake sandwiches and soft shell crab sandwiches are all they serve.


We checked out some boats too.  There was a sailboat for sale at this marina that caught our eye.


The views of the water were so lovely because the weather was so clear.


This would be the perfect spot to sit and watch the fireworks and the boat parade that was scheduled to happen that evening. 


Everyone was busy getting their boats decorated for the boat parade.


I took this picture just because I thought this was a cute little shack.


It was a completely enjoyable day in Urbanna but later on back at home it was a lovely afternoon here in Hampton at the beach.


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