Compost Update

Here we are 5 weeks later and I have compost!


The only thing, which you can see, that didn't break down are these pieces of old coco liners that I put in.  I can easily pull those out. 

This spinning, tumbling composter was a huge success.  I have already been gathering and setting aside material for my next batch. 


I just thought I would throw in a group shot of all the concrete leaves that I brought home from TN.  This picture gives a good sense of the scale, almost as big as a smooth fox terrier!

I also briefly mentioned my worm composter before and now I have pictures of my new one!

For years I had my worm compost going in a plastic container.  I just drilled holes in a plastic storage container.  I moved my worms from VA to NJ and on to Cincinnati and back to VA.  I've had plans ever since returning to VA to upgrade to a much bigger system.


Because I live in a moderate climate I am able to have the worms outdoors year round.  I made this out of cinder blocks and some wood that I found on the side of the road (thanks neighbor!).  You can see there are two sides. 

How this works is I start out with worms on one side.  Once they have digested all the scraps and bedding and filled it up with lots of worm castings, then I will start over on the other side.

First I will put in fresh bedding and new veggie scraps.  Then I will remove the dividing board.  The worms will migrate over to the new bedding, leaving the castings behind.  I will then reinsert the board, harvest the castings and just continue switching back and forth.  Slick!


Here I have put in wet shredded paper and a little dirt on one side.


On top of the bedding goes the food scraps that I have been collecting and keeping in my freezer.  I just throw the scraps into a bag and put them in the freezer (where they don't stink!)  When the bag is full I will feed it to the worms.

On top of this goes a dry layer of shredded paper or hay.  This will keep down the flies and keep the composter from smelling.


Once I get all the layers ready, then I dig down into the bedding and add the worms.  Just two cups of worms will soon become hundreds of worms.  Worms castings are like black gold in the garden.  They recycle all my veggie scraps, eggshells and shrimp shells.      

11 thoughts on “Compost Update

  1. You are so inspiring with all this composting. I have started freezing my scraps and it’s wonderful. No more smell, no more pail on the sink. The frozen stuff goes directly to the compost in the garden every couple of days and that’s it. Thanks for the idea of freezing. I love it!
    Now I’m getting excited about the worm castings. More black gold!


  2. glad to here the tumbler is a success,will start saving! I showed alittle neighbor girl my worm composting,and a couple months later after a hard rain,she was all upset when she found a worm near her front door,she thought it was one of mine that had got away!


  3. Bravo! Your compost is perfection. So are those leaves your mom made. She talented just like you. And my, you seem to have a way with worms!


  4. Those cement leaves are amazing!! And congratulations on the compost. I haven’t tried it but Neighbor Bob (next door gardner and sweet grandpa kinda guy) makes his own compost. I did try cut up bananna peels on my flowers this year and it worked brilliantly!
    Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings… Polly


  5. Hi, Those leaves your mother made are so pretty. I’ve been wanting to make some for a long time but probably never will.
    Where did you get your compost tumbler? I’ve been looking for one for a while now.


  6. Wow, you can keep your worms outside. Ours are in the basement in two styrofoam boxes, one for reds and one for nightcrawlers. We feed the worms to our critters and the casings to our plants, for free, free, free.
    Your system would be so much easier. Kudos to you!


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