Sea Shell Art

Uh, yeah I'm the lady in line at all the estate sales with the basket full of miscellaneous shells.  Sometimes large baskets full of quite large shells and I'm getting these pitifull stares, like why would you pay good money (usually all of a dollor or maybe 2) for something somebody picked up on the beach.  I buy them when ever I find them.   I've got bowls full of shells all over the house but besides enjoying them as is I like to get out the glue gun and stick them to things.

This project has been on my list for some time.  This vintage mantle was a gift from BFF Tammy and I took off the legs and turned it into a "shelf" on my screened porch.  Today was a long overdue crafting day, turning this mantle "shelf" in to a beautiful piece of art for the porch. 

After the mantle was painted white, it was mounted on the porch wall.  It functioned well as a display shelf, but it was definitely crying out for some embellishment.


I like to start my seashell mosaic projects with a central cluster of large shells and work out from there.  It takes me hours to work out the placement of all these shells.  Even when I do a small mirror, I go back and forth with the placement before finally committing and setting the shells down with the glue.


Ok, five hours later I'm finally done and I love it.



36 thoughts on “Sea Shell Art

  1. WOW!!! Your shelf is gorgeous, and worth the many hours you spent on creating it. Yes, and even worth the pitiful looks from the other yard sale go-ers! Those non-junkers just don’t understand…when we have a vision, and find what we need to complete this vision, we are happy! Happy is a good place to be…LOL *elaine*


  2. YAY! This is one of my summer projects. I bought a mantel a few years ago, but it’s too plain. I’ve been the pitiful shell-buyer at estate sales too and am gearing up. Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear them!
    Thanks so much for posting this! I know it’ll take a long time, but am psyched. I’m also now inspired to cut off the legs, since they’re pretty beat up. Suzy, I can’t thank you enough!


  3. AWESOME!!!!
    and you need TONS of shells to do these kinds of projects!!! 🙂
    what glue did you use??
    I have been using aleenes tacky glue for all my shell projects!!!
    always love popping by…
    Have a GREAT week!!
    Smiles, Joy~


  4. That is absolutely one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, Suzy! Send those photos to a magazine and share with the rest of the world!


  5. seashell mosaic, how cool! I love your blog! I am just starting out, give me a visit and advise if you have the time. It would be much appreciated. Thanks. Marla


  6. This is amazing! I have never seen anyone who can see the potential in things like you can. WOW!


  7. It’s lovely.
    A shell art project is next on my to do list, right after I finish the never ending cross stitch project. This time I am using super tiny shells though, and I am sure it will take forever working out the placement!


  8. Your sea shell mantle piece would look so fabulous over a bed instead of a headboard. Just gorgeous! Oh to live closer to the ocean…. *sighs*
    Love your blog page and thanks ever so much for visiting mine.
    The Blue Ridge Gal


  9. A convention of pelicans on the Salton Sea and a view of the sea and mountains from the shores of the nearby State Park. Although the resort is isolated, its advantage is that is the only place where you get the winter-time benefits of desert living and also be close to the excellent birding area that is the Salton Sea. Love it Cheryl! You are amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us. New signoff? How about “see you in the sea”? Or, “see you under the sea”?


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