Anal Friday

I luv me a good organizing project!

The August issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine has some damn fine ideas this month.

This one really caught my eye.


So here is my under kitchen sink disaster.  Pretty typical I'd say.


Definitely room for improvement here.

One trip to Lowes knows and snap! This only took me about 20 minutes and could have been even faster if I had skipped the wiping all the crud off the bottom of the cabinet part.  ewww but necessary.


Slick as snot I say!!


7 thoughts on “Anal Friday

  1. Ohhh wonderful. I have weird pipe placement under my sink that prevents such lovely additions. But I do keep my stuff in a nice little rubbermaid dishpan like tub. It does keep the crud off the cabinet and the pan-thing (I don’t even know what to call it) will pop into the dishwasher for cleaning. Nice work. I’m envious.


  2. That is a super “slick” arrangement. My under the sink is still “sloppy” but it is on my to do list. After seeing your cool pictures, that project may move up on the list of thing to do! I love neatness. Dogwood


  3. I saw that in my BH&G and thought, no, I can’t do that. But I CAN! And you are living proof, Suzy! I say wipe the crud and get moving!


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