Before & After – It’s All In the Paint

I've said it before, you can paint anything.  I've proven that over and over.  I've painted walls, floors, fireplaces, pleated blinds (yes, with spray paint), doorbell cover, etc.  Now I can add laminate counters and mirror tiles to that list.

Here is the horrible before.  A corner of my living room that has a wet bar.  I had previously redone this entire room with the exception of this little corner.

Check out those mirror tiles.  A box of wine is a must when you live with  decor like this.


I've been plotting this redo for some time.  My plans had to include minimal cost and lack of carpentry.  I was not even going to attempt to remove the mirror tiles, definitely not opening that can of worms.

I primed everything, painted the hardware, countertop and cabinet.  I primed the mirror tiles and applied some killer vintage wallpaper.  Yes, there are mirrors under that wallpaper.



I think this before/after is smokin'.  oh yeah.

36 thoughts on “Before & After – It’s All In the Paint

  1. Yea! I get to see the finished project right away! 🙂
    Smokin is right…this before and after belongs in a magazine!
    Even the door pulls look awesome now. Great job.


  2. Amazing! Really, really cute. I love that nothing stopped you, not even those hideous mirror tiles. I never would have thought to just cover right over them.


  3. I can’t even tell you how much better that looks…AMAZING…the wallpaper and the countertop totally rocked that space. I can’t imagine having to live with that mirrored bar area – so not you!


  4. That looks amazing. I have two friends with ‘wet’ bars that don’t know what to do- I am sending them here.
    Enjoyed visiting,


  5. Thank YOU, thank you, thank you!!! Now I can tell people that they don’t HAVE to live with the uglies. Just think of all the homes you will save. We’re talking major ripple effect here!


  6. Back and forth I look at the two pictures and still can’t believe what I am seeing! Can you tell us what you painted the counter top with. My son just bought a vintage 70’s home that could definitely use your techniques! E


  7. That looks fabulous! What a huge difference it doesn’t even look like the same area. I also have a wet bar and they are very difficult to decorate around!


  8. Love the make over of that out-of-date little area. Wonderful. Love the wallpaper and decorations on the shelves. Simple and lovely. Dogwood


  9. fantastic! did you use the same paint on the hardware as on the cabinets themselves? I have a similarly ugly cabinet with similar hardware that I’d like to paint. You really did a beautiful job!


  10. I absolutely LOVE this makeover – the transformation is AMAZING!!!!! I have an entire wall of oak stained cabinets topped off with hunter green laminate counters. UGH!!! I would love to know how and with what you painted your counter with.


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