12 thoughts on “Summer Soiree in the Sewing Room

  1. The one on the right is the winner.. those zigs and zags make me feel like just getting off a roller coaster…. hee hee
    Snappy Di


  2. What beautiful bags. Love the colors and the style. Nice work!
    I also love your header. I collect McCoy pottery so I’m very impressed with your arrangement. The shells are a great idea for the shelf inset.


  3. They’re gorgeous! So feminine and fun! My fave is the middle one in the top photo and yes I love that green zig zag. Love, love the colors!
    Cathy ♥


  4. Way too cute and sweet and lovely and beautiful and colorful. I could go on and on with more wonderful words but you get the point. You ARE one very talented lady. I will be back to see you next fabulous post. Thanks~Dogwood


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