Diggin’ This Houndstooth

I've been busy creating purses with the fabulous Summer Soiree fabrics from Paula Prass and I am especially taken with the houndstooth pattern.  It is the perfect compliment to my vintage barkcloths.


This piece of vintage barkcloth, like so many vintage fabrics, has a slight flaw.  A tiny, tiny stain that wouldn't wash out.  Guess that means I have to keep this one.  Sooooo keepin' it.


I've got some more pretty purses in the works and I promise I won't keep those.   

11 thoughts on “Diggin’ This Houndstooth

  1. You could always have a “seconds” department in your store. Some of us don’t mind flaws!!!
    Will you please, please help me figure out the html code to copy and paste for typepad to add that It’s All About Me button? I don’t know why I can’t figure it out, but I’m so frustrated with myself I’m about to blow a pop a button. I would surely appreciate it.


  2. I just started reading your blog, and I am in love with your stuff and your creativity! You are inspiring! I can’t wait to watch some more! 😀


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