Just for Fun

Wow, I have a lot to share on my blog but in order to procure all this funness I have put 400 miles on the Prius odometer.  So I will get it all organized and imaged up pretty, ( I hope). 

My sojourns to the DC burbs are always a sweet treat, especially because I hook up with my BFF  Beth and assorted partners in crime.

So I will get this all posted next but  before that I wanted to share a recent thrifted find.  I love it, not just because the thrift store had summed it up and tossed it into the fugly zone (priced $1), but  because it is a fabulous before/after garden junk makeover.


This wonderful "planter" is curled wrought iron painted gray.  Did you know that in the hardware store they sell outdoor paint in a battleship gray?  I see so many outdoor ornies painted this hardware store gray. ugh.


Beth and I had  a smashing good time at the Big Flea and my weekend visit in general.  I have pictures to prove it!!  I have a fabulous prom dress to photograph, you just wait!

8 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. Hi,
    Oh goodness – what fun you had shopping and what a great planter you found. The green paint makes such a difference. Can’t wait to see your new prom dress – knowing you it will look adorable.
    Have a lovely week.


  2. The green is so fresh and the perfect color for this. A very good save! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Cathy ♥


  3. What a great planter – never saw one like it. Don’t ya just love finding a bargain like that & giving it a new dress?


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