Kanzashi Krazy

I'm getting my craft on this weekend and I have been folding away, working on mastering the art of Kanzashi.  This book by Diane Gilliland is my new favorite craft book.


My fabric scrap box is strewn all over the floor because I have been digging out all sorts of little pieces to transform into these fun flowers.

It's been a good crafting weekend and I finished my craft assignment for Cathe's blog, Just Something I Made.

I took a cute little purse that I purchased at the thrift store in Red Bank, NJ a long time ago.  It's just been sitting on the shelf waiting for an update idea to occur to me.  


It's cute but plain and the inside is pristine and clean.  The perfect canvas for a bit of Kanzashi action.



The perfect little purse for a date with Mrpeachez.

14 thoughts on “Kanzashi Krazy

  1. Wonderful flowers! I love how you’re always trying something new and pushing yourself to learn new techniques. Your blog is also just gorgeous to look at–love the shell mantel as your header–keep that one for awhile-it’s a winner.


  2. Wow you had took a cute little purse that you had purchased at the thrift store in Red Bank,Then you had decorated to this little purse with Three beautiful artificial fabric flower’s.And you had founded a beautiful artificial fabric flower’s purse of Kanzashi Krazy .


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