Handmade Holiday Help

AAAhhh, the Handmade Pledge.  Sing the praises of buying handmade for any occasion!

I'm thinking about the upcoming holidays.  I like to start seriously shopping now so that I don't obliterate my bank account in December.

A GREAT, FABULOUS, SUPER SIMPLE and did I mention EASY way to clue in anyone shopping for moi (that's you) is Etsy Favorites!!

I constantly window shop (and drool a lot) on Etsy and when I see something that I love I mark the item a "favorite". 


 Treasure Bird Cameo Earrings – Genevieve Gail

Anyone, (Mrpeachez) can go there at anytime and click on my favorites to see what turns me on and shopping is as easy as a mouse click.

So go forth, click on your favorites and spread the word to everyone that wants to honor you with a gift, especially for the upcoming holiday season.

As Martha would say, It's a Good Thing.

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