Good Reads

I've seen two new books come out recently that I am putting on my wish list for Christmas.  (Mrpeachez pay attention here)


I can see this will make a great movie night feature while the family is visiting for the holidays, but definitely after dinner.

You can see the short films on the Sundance site and even get your own GREEN PORNO name. 

Madeline Albright's new book looks like a fascinating read and I'm looking forward to the pictures of her fabulous brooch collection.  You know how I love jewelry.


6 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. Love the name of Isabella’s book. Smart marketing…, the two most opposing and attractive words in America.
    Even Madeleine Albright’s title will catch the eye in a bookstore. Not as much as the first one, but it’s probably more interesting.


  2. I was reading in Newsweek last night about that first book. And be still my heart! You have Herbal Treasures! I had that book for many years. Then suddenly gave it away to a book drive at a hospital a year or so ago. I’ve been aching to have it back!!! I’ll have to start looking around on the internet. It was written quite some time ago I think. I bought it about twenty years ago as a member of The Herb Society in my then hometown.


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