Ready, Set, GO!

I hauled all the vintage christmas stuff down to the media room where I can really spread out.  This is one year's worth of vintage christmas stuff from thrifting, junking, antiquing by myself and my pickers (Beth). 


I've had a few inquiries as to when I would get some wreaths made, so here I go!  I will be making my vintage ornie box dioramas too.  Hopefully some light bulb wreaths will be created as well.

Now if I can just figure out which one of the 6 remotes to the TV I should use…and how do you turn on the surround sound?

5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, GO!

  1. I spy some vintage wrapping paper …. one of my weaknesses. I’ve admired the ornament wreaths in your etsy shop and can imagine how much work goes into making them since I have tried. And failed. 🙂 Some things are better left to you professionals. -amy


  2. I need to get my stuff out of the attic as well and get cracking. Is fun to get it out and see how much was collected during the year (and a little scary too). Love the banner- usually read your blog thru google reader and doesn’t have the banner – LOVE IT. happy crafting.


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