I’m Still in My PJ’s, What’s Up?

I know, it's not like me.  I get up early and go, go, go most days.  I did get up early today and I have been really busy.  I swear!

It's computer day, I just have to accept it.  I have a ton of things to accomplish on the internet today and it doesn't even look like I will leave the house. 

I did have to reboot the computer because it was bogging down, so I jumped in the shower while that was happening.  But my hair is still wet, come on!

OK, I promise I will go get dressed, right after I post this entry.  But I wanted to let those interested parties know that today is wreath day.


They will be in the shop this afternoon.

Next I will be attacking this pile.


16 thoughts on “I’m Still in My PJ’s, What’s Up?

  1. Well I got the pink one….I just knew I would regret it if I didn’t! Happy Birthday to me! Now I have creations made by you and your BFF. :0)


  2. Pretty Sparklies! Love them!!! Some closeups of balls would make lovely cards. Farmlady is right, those boxes are awesome! I bet you could swap them with a paper crafter.
    I’m impressed at your efforts. The thought of Christmas still scares me. Definitely makes up for the jammies.


  3. Beautiful wreaths! I just want you to know that sometimes I link to your blog just the see the mantel on your header. It makes me happy. The rainy season has started here in Portland, so I predict many days spent in my jammies..creating fun junky stuff!


  4. What kind of glue do you use for your wreaths? I made a huge one using hot glue and it came apart after a few months 😦 I used lots of glue too. Made me sad 😦


  5. I think you’re aware of my position on daytime pajamas (aka ‘work clothes’).
    Those wreaths are absolutely spectacular. Love the one with the little cherry ornament tucked in. -amy


  6. I was going to say, DONT throw away those boxes.
    You can put other odd balls in them.
    Love your Shinny wreaths


  7. your wreaths are exquisite. I love vintage ornaments and used to hunt them down. Now I live in a small town and can’t find any ‘good things’ (as Martha says….)


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