Beauty in the Words of a 12 year old

I found this draft on my desk.  Littlepeach#2 had left it there after using my printer to produce a final paper for school.

The end product did not have the cute little doodles so I am keeping the draft.  I think it is just so sweet, I had to brag share.


Beauty Is…  by Shannon Spence

Beauty is a rainbow glimmering in the sky

Beauty is an eagle taking off to fly

Beauty is the shining sun heating up the sand

Beauty is a swift blue crab skittering on the land

Beauty is the small acorn that dreams to be a tree

Beauty is anything anyone could ever want it to be

14 thoughts on “Beauty in the Words of a 12 year old

  1. How very very sweet. I still have some of my sons poems he wrote as an eight year old and is now 35. I have scanned them then put the originals in a box of his baby pictures. It is a wonderful memory box.


  2. Thanks for sharing that precious poem. I love children’s creative works. That is definitely a keeper!
    Go ahead and brag.
    Have a good day.


  3. Love that idea about embroidering her poem and doodles,if she wouldn’t mind. It’s great that you posted this-reminds me how positive and innocent kids can be. You must be very proud of her!


  4. Love the poem and the doodles! She is very sweet and creative – a real chip off the old peach, I think. Well, not that you are old or anything – but you know what I mean!!


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