Boxes of Fun

After making 8 wreaths this year from vintage christmas ornaments I was left with quite a pile of old ornament boxes.  I love these old boxes as much as the ornaments that came in them. 

I've been burning blisters on the tips of my fingers with the hot glue and I've got a big batch of them turned into fun and kitschy decorations themselves.

IMG_2674 IMG_2676
IMG_2678 IMG_2675
IMG_2677 IMG_2680

This is exactly the kind of thing I would have dreamed up to make when I was 10 yo.  Yeah, I'm thinking like a 10 yo these days.

25 thoughts on “Boxes of Fun

  1. That is a BRILLIANT idea! They are really really cute. If that’s what thinking like you’re 10 gets you, yippee for you!


  2. All the best things are dreamed up by 10 year olds! I love them. I saw a box of ornaments at the thrift store the other day and thought of you!


  3. These are great! Is that a flocked red coffeepot on the top left, or plastic? Either way, that one is my favorite- even a cuckoo clock!


  4. A diorama of pure kitsch! What could be better?
    P.S. I have added you to my blog-o-rama!


  5. So cute! Great idea. I just bought some old ornaments in their original boxes at a garage sale and the woman wrote the price right on the front of those great boxes. Argh!


  6. I loved these so much last year – I’m glad you made more! I just noticed the box on the ornaments I got yesterday has a little tab on the back that you can pop up – for hanging, it says, like you were supposed to hang up the whole box of ornaments? (Which would be cute.) Or maybe for a store display. (More likely.) Anyway, yes, I’m reading ornament boxes now, but somehow I thought you’d understand.


  7. Hi Suzy – these are fab…a real waste-not, want-not idea.
    I remember as a 10 year old cleaning out the egg shell from my tea-time boiled egg, and adding a face, red hat and cottonwool beard and hanging santa egg-heads from the tree.
    Handmade decorations are great and hold the best memories,


  8. Haha! Those are awesome! I would have NEVER thought to use those old boxes to make new ornaments! What great ornaments you made!


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