The Perfect Pattern

I saw it on the shelf.

But I haven't sewn apparel in years.  I'm too lazy.  It's easier to go find something at Marshalls.

This one spoke to me though.  I'm fabulous! it cried.  Find some vintage fabric and make me.  I'll be to die for, you know it.


I couldn't resist.  I love it.


I have to say that barkcloth patchwork is pretty snazzy.  But I found the perfect fabric.  Vintage fabric.  Oh yeah.


Postman, please don't dilly dally or lose my package.  I'm patiently waiting.

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Pattern

  1. Adorable! I so look forward to seeing your version and I am heading out now to order my own pattern! ~Kelly at unDeniably Domestic


  2. The patchwork-like coat is a knockout! You’ll have everyone’s eye when you go out in it and their awe when the learn you made it yourself.


  3. This is a fabulous pattern — I can’t wait to see what you do with it– I might order it too! do you have the pattern yet? does it have a lining?


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