Those Lucky Young Ones

How awesome it would have been to have a place like Etsy in 1979 when I was < 20. 

I certainly could have used some extra money selling macrame belts or painted rocks online.  Postage would have been dirt cheap too.

But I'm much older (> than 20) and wiser now and I do have an Etsy shop or two myself.

But I have a friend, actually littlepeach#1's BFF, and she has a new Etsy shop, cdaltondesigns.


Our families first met as neighbors in New Jersey when she and littlepeach#1 were just tweens.

They are both in college now, studying very hard this exact minute I'm sure.


Miss CDaltonDesigns likes to make beaded jewelry and she's pretty talented.


How fun to be in college and have your own little online shop on the side.  

I wish I had thought to invent something like Etsy when I was <20. 

But then I would have had to think of the internet and personal computers and laptops and mini laptops and microchips and wireless access and… oh bother.

4 thoughts on “Those Lucky Young Ones

  1. Your young friend’s Etsy shop has some very nice jewelry in it. She almost macrames or crochets her beads. They are beautiful.
    How sweet of you to let all your readers know about her shop. Bet she sells something soon.


  2. good for her and I hope she does well! I am glad you got your package and are happy with it! Happy Thanksgiving and come visit anytime! Melinda


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