No Turkeys Here

What? No turkey pictures!!  Got that right. 

We did eat our share of turkey in this house however, and it was good.  Smoked turkey from the local BBQ joint. yum.

We had two soldiers from Ft. Eustis come to share the feast with us today.

I want to thank them for their service to our country and I want to thank their families for allowing these fine young men to come to Virginia to do their service.

Here are some pictures of the guys for their families to enjoy.


Both of our soldiers are far, far from home. 

Beau Browne is from the island of Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Patrick Shaw is from Portland, Oregon.



I think the guys enjoyed the lunch that I prepared, and I KNOW they enjoyed the pecan pie.  Three pieces each worth of enjoyment!

The recipe is my grandmother, Montine Hammond's recipe.  My grandparents had pecan trees in their backyard in Hapeville, GA and I have fond memories of picking up pecans and cracking them to eat every time we went to their house.

I'm going to share her recipe here, in case our soldier's mom's want to try it next time they come home.  My southern tradition to pass along to them.

Montine Hammond's Pecan Pie

3/4 cup sugar,  1 cup light corn syrup,  3 eggs slightly beaten,  4 tbl. melted butter,  1 tbl. vanilla,  1 cup pecans chopped

Line pie plate with pastry.  Boil sugar & syrup together for about 2 minutes.  Pour this mixture slowly over the slightly beaten eggs, stirring vigorously.  Add butter, vanilla and pecans.  Pour into unbaked pastry line pie plate.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes.

10 thoughts on “No Turkeys Here

  1. How wonderful that your opened your Heart and your Home not to mention G’ma Hammond’s pecan pie to these brave young men that are far from their homes!!
    This is what giving Thanks is truly about.
    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. What a sweetie pie you are, Suzy! You have so much good in your heart. Our pecan pie came from the frozen food section of our local Braums ice cream store!


  3. It’s wonderful that you shared Thanksgiving with two such deserving guests. I’m sure they loved your meal. Pecan Pie is my all-time favorite dessert. Thanks for the recipe. I’m always looking for a reason to bake one!


  4. We had steaks and baked potatoes! My son came down from Tallahassee and we had a wonderful day yesterday- went out to eat lunch and dinner and went to see The Fantastic Mr Fox. It was great! I am sewing a bit today and then tomorrow working at Guild Workshop for dying silks! We saw 2 otters on our lake yesterday and that has just made my spirits soar! Just wanted to say hi and say thank you for all you share all year!
    you rock!


  5. How awesome that you shared your bounty with these young men. This post touched my heart. Thank you for the pie recipe, too! I’m sure it’s a good one! Have a nice weekend. Twyla


  6. You truly shared your Thanks and gave your thanks to the two brave soldiers~you’re a Sweetheart!
    I don’t bake but I think I may just need to try your Grandma’s recipe!!! Love pecan pie!


  7. Just checking in. Did I add the wrong blog last week? Let me know. I have added this one to the Vintage Christmas Monday blog list. If you didn’t read the original invitation post about the party click on the picture at the top of my sidebar to check the party instructions.
    Thanks for joining us and let me know if I have the wrong blog listed too. xo Joan


  8. Hi Suzy,
    What a gracious and lovely gesture! One of your guests is from my neck of the woods ~ Portland. Photos are beautiful, their families must have loved them. I have never tried to bake pecan pie before…but I will now. Thanks for sharing your recipe!


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