Vintage Christmas Monday

Two words I love to put together…vintage and christmas. 

I'm joining the list over at  Anything Goes Here.  It's a blog block party every Monday and I'll take any excuse to share my vintage christmas goodies.

Now you know I can't pass up christmas items from the past and I will stockpile them even if I have no clue what I'm going to do with them. 

Such was the case when I discovered a huge box full of old (and probably dangerous) strings of christmas light.  The colors really grabbed me, shades of orange and lilac, jadite greens and even pink.  Not those uniform primary colors in use today.

I tossed out the fraying electrical cords and started hoarding the bulbs.  The swirly C-9's being the most desirable.  I pondered on what to create out of my growing collection.  I knew a wreath was a logical choice but it was a few years (and more bulbs) before I had that aha!  (light bulb, ha!) moment and my first light bulb wreath was born.


I made a few wreaths that first year and then a couple more after that.  But I haven't made any for over 5 years now. 


It takes a long time to accumulate enough bulbs for these wreaths.  They aren't that easy to find (in quantity) and they go for big bucks on eBay. 


So I've made three bulb wreaths this year and that's probably it for a long time. 

Unless I hit the mother load at a future estate sale.  It could happen.  

36 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas Monday

  1. Oooh I so love your wreaths! My strands of 40’s lites still work but I’m too scared to use them on our tree! I will never part with them though… how fun your idea is! Bisous… Julie Marie


  2. I’ve got seven of those bulbs, just sitting in a bowl doing nothing. After counting the ones on your gorgeous wreaths, I only need about 20 more to make one! Or they could just stay in the bowl, because I got them about 15 years ago, and I haven’t seen another one since!
    I’ve been a longtime lurker of your blog, and I just love everything that you make!
    Happy Vintage Christmas!


  3. WoW ~ The wreath is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! So clever and unique. I too love both the words Vintage AND Christmas. Thanks for sharing ~ Judi


  4. These are remarkable. I would love to know how you did it. I will be searching and searching for bulbs. I love a vintage hunt! Thank you for the inspiration. ~Kelly
    unDeniably Domestic


  5. Hi, I have several strings of these lights. The problem is that the lights are so far apart and, for me, that makes them unusable. I always try to put them out and it just doesn’t look right. I like what you did with them. Good job!!
    Take care, It was nice visiting….Linda


  6. Your wreathes are really beautiful. A very clever idea for using the old bulbs. I don’t see a lot of them around either but I’ll be keeping my eyes open now!


  7. One more comment….could you tell me how you attached the bulbs on the first wreath? Perhaps a photo of the back? I think I have enough to do this one! Thanks! Sandy


  8. Here’s hoping for a truck load of vintage bulbs for you in the coming year. Your wreaths are just wonderful. Happy VCM!


  9. Great Grandpa who is 89 was still using his until last year. We had a grandchild bat her eyes at him, so that he would give them to us. We are soooo devious. He’s not going to notice that the ones on our house are new look-alikes.
    Too bad they weren’t nifty bulbs like yours!


  10. I love it! I have a box of bulbs that I’ve been hanging onto for who-knows-what. Well, now I know!
    Also, I wanted to let you know you inspired me to collect vintage glass ornaments to make a wreath of my own. I think I might finally have enough, and if I get it made I’ll be sure to send you a picture.
    Thanks for being such a creative inspiration!


  11. Your Xmas light bulb wreaths are fab! I love the graphic pattern and repetition of the bulbs. Wouldn’t it be cool if they lit up, too?


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