Houston: We Have Lift Off

Theme trees are a great excuse to collect more ornaments.  That is SO the case for my "space" tree.

I came up with the idea for a space tree a few years ago when Hallmark put out a series of collectible ornaments commemorating certain events in NASA history.

MrPeachez and I were young kids when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon and  MrPeachez still enjoys his Tang to this day.

It's just coincidence that we live next door to NASA Langley.


Every year I try to add one new space/NASA related ornament to this tree.


This year I added a spun cotton ornament by Vintage By Crystal. 

Can you spot him there riding on his little rocket?


I've got stars, stars and stripes, astronauts and cosmonauts.  One of my most special vintage ornaments is on this tree.  It's Italian and it's the Man on the Moon.  See him there on the left.  I found him at an estate sale in New Jersey.  I must say I sure did find a lot of treasures during my time spent living near the Jersey shore. 

18 thoughts on “Houston: We Have Lift Off

  1. I would never have thought to have a
    Space” tree but it’s really pretty and you have so many ornaments on it.
    I noticed that rocket man/woman immediately. It’s so cute with it’s little astronaut all in fur? Spun sugar? Not really. Spun sugar?


  2. I must be on overload 10 days before Christmas.
    I didn’t mean spun sugar. I meant spun cotton.I don’t know what “spun cotton” is, but at least I got the right name for it this time. Good grief….


  3. I love it! I am SUCH a big ol’ NASA nerd! Right after getting married, my husband and I lived next to JSC-NASA in Houston and I worked for various contractors before he joined the Army. I may have to start myself a space tree for our room. šŸ™‚


  4. WOW. This is amazing – I especially love the little aqua space guy riding a spaceship-shaped ornament like a sled – that’s the spun cotton one, right? Love him. -amy


  5. Your tree is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen! I’ve always loved vintage images of spacemen and robots and such. I never would have thought that one could decorate a Christmas tree in a space theme.


  6. So cute and what a great “theme” idea! All of your trees are decorated perfectly and this one is no exception. Judi


  7. I love this Space Tree. I and my family have lived within 15 miles of Kennedy Space Ctr. since 1964. Both hubby and son were/are employed there. It has been such an exciting life here.
    I, too, have many of these same space oriented ornaments, and highlight them each year on our tree.
    Thank you for remembering and honoring our wonderful Space Program ! We are so proud of America’s accomplishments !


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