11 thoughts on “Feather Trees are Like Potato Chips

  1. I adore them – good lighting or not. We have had the same trouble. I have been trying to take the same picture for over a week! ~Kelly
    unDeniably Domestic


  2. Now I’m feeling so much better about all those trees I have. Hang in with the snow. I’ll bet I end up with more than you by March.


  3. I’m gonna have to start scouring eBay and such for these feather trees for next year. They’re just so cute! Yep, hear you’re gonna have a wintry weekend!


  4. All of these are so sweet! I love that little metal fence around the first one….where did you find that? Stay warm….this is the time of year I love Arizona…..I HATE the summer but boy this is Nirvana right now! Went out shopping in a short sleeved shirt today….:) Sorry didn’t mean to rub it in. I hope you are not snowed in! 🙂


  5. All great, especially the one on the oak sideboard with all those great knickknacks gathered round – they’re probably admiring it, too.


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