Mighty Mojo

This year is shooting out of the gate and I'm doing my best to get it together and keep up.

My list making is in full force.

The sewing machine is tuned up and ready to rock.

I've already started off 2010 with some powerful mojo on my side.

I've got two aprons to be featured in the upcoming Vol 2 of Apronology.

I have a purse to be featured in the next issue of Haute Handbags.

But this is my favorite of all.


My potholder apron is the featured art work in the ad for the upcoming Apronology :->

For those of you who know me, I haven't changed my name.  There is just a little typo in the spelling of my last name in the ad.  Oops.

I'm still and always will be GeorgiaPeachez, aka Suzy Spence.

23 thoughts on “Mighty Mojo

  1. Suzy,
    That is incredible about your apron/s! Someone gave me an older issue of Apronology recently and it’s a beautiful magazine. Congrats – can’t wait to see your work in print. -amy


  2. I’m so happy for you:) What an awesome way to start the new year! I’ll have to check you out in all these fun publications…By the way, are you attending the Big Flea? I plan on being there with bells on:)


  3. Suzy, This is so well deserved! Congratulations to you and to them for noticing your talent. Your work is so original and interesting, not to mention artistic and fun. I am very happy for you!
    ♥, Susan


  4. Wow,so happy that I “know” someone in Apronology. I have always loved that magazine. Now, it will be even better. Can’t wait til’ it comes out and I can go buy it.


  5. When I saw this apron in a magazine last month I thought it might be you but I wasn’t sure if that was your last name – now I see it was a typo. Pretty apron and congrats!


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