I’ll Start at the Top

I'm joining the links for Show and Tell Wednesday over at Blue Cricket Design today.


I'm a first timer so Welcome to everyone that is popping over to my little corner of Virginia here today. 

It's still flippin' freezing outside. omg. cold.

I'll go up to the third floor and then walk on down.

Third floor has my sewing studio and aprons in progress. 

You knew it was going to be aprons.


Second floor has the office.  Ground zero for blogging and the patient terrier waiting for her walk.  She's got her coat on and ready to pounce the second I get up from this desk chair.


She's trying to fake me out with that nap, but she's watching me.

Down to the first floor. 


Collections under glass.  (Cuts back on the dusting).

Sunshine is streaming in, but that's just a tease.  It's really below freezing outside.

Hasn't stopped that crazy Aloe plant from blooming.


We are all just patiently waiting for spring.  That's my mantra.  Spring….Spring…..Spring.


15 thoughts on “I’ll Start at the Top

  1. Love the fabric for your aprons! I made an apron kinda thingy this past weekend too. I have it posted on my blog!
    It is freezing here isn’t it? I, like you, can not wait until spring!!!


  2. Your ‘collection under glass’ is lovely! What a clever way to combine two sets (the figurines and the glass) into one beautiful vingnette! And I’m pretty sure I have NEVER seen an aloe plant bloom! I’ve had several over the years, not one sprouted a tall flower like that!
    Thanks for sharing, I think the pup is ready for a walk now!


  3. Lovely photos that belie the weather outside, no matter how frightful.
    The most wonderful photo is your pup waiting for a walk. That’s a gem!
    We could learn from dogs…, about making short term “comfort zones”. He’s waiting, but look at him. Might as well be comfortable while he waits. That’s so DOG.


  4. Cold it is my friend! But all too soon summer will rear it’s hot little head and all of this will be a distant memory…
    And referencing your last blog post, I just made my own (first ever attempt) butternut squash soup this week. It wasn’t the best of soups but was a bit better with a dollop of sour cream…
    Best wishes for your butternut squash recipes!


  5. Good lookin’ stuff as always, and the dog just makes me laugh. I’m just guessing you don’t want to trade your weather for ours.


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