A Few Degrees Makes All the Difference

We've thawed.  Hallelujah.

Our near 60 degree temps today make those spring loving thoughts run free.


Primulas are pink and yellow perfection.  The tag said "grown in Canada".  I wonder if it came all the way from here?

What word comes to mind when I see this little wreath. 

Sunshine :->


10 thoughts on “A Few Degrees Makes All the Difference

  1. Oh my NERVES, I LOVE THIS WREATH!!!! I’m getting in my car RIGHT NOW and going to Michaels to get me some “Peeps” to make one for my door! Love, love, love it! xotammy


  2. First word that comes to mind? It’s three: Oh My Gosh! I also must have it!!!! I think you are going to be busy! LOVE THIS! Just LOVE THIS!!!!!! Must find Peeps……..a tutuorial would be nice….if you have a mind to 🙂


  3. Do you know what?! We ARE growing primulas right now but…..I’ve been in China this past week and have no idea where we’ve been shipping them 🙂
    I LOVE that cute little wreath! Where on earth did you find that?


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