Not a Happy Camper

Snow is a rare occurrence in my neck of the woods. 

When it does snow, It isn't much and it's usually gone a few hours later.


I am less than pleased with the way my garden is looking today.


I guess the upside is this stuff does eventually melt.  eventually.

17 thoughts on “Not a Happy Camper

  1. Eventually. We’re still waiting here. It’s usually gone by now, instead we’re beginning to feel like we live in the mtns. we’re going a little stir crazy.


  2. It’s unusual that my part of the country is considered the warm part during the winter! LOL It was cold today but sunny and all our snow has been melted for weeks. Your snow is pretty, at least! Sometimes I think I’d rather stare at snow than yucky dead grass for months on end while waiting for spring.


  3. My mother in law lives in Chesapeake & when we called her yesterday, she said she hadn’t seen that much snow since she left WV almost 20 years ago!
    Up here in Baltimore, they were calling for a trace to 1″, which changed into 1-3″ and yet here we are with 7 or 8″ of the stuff!
    I like the snow so I’m glad we got a bit but I hope yours melts soon!!


  4. This post makes me smile! Your upholstery collection is wonderful! The chairs – I think I have to take back the teasing I gave my son for just purchasing one. Hammered aluminum – why oh why didn’t I come home yesterday with the large one I was holding in my hands at Goodwill! I thought I was the only person who finds it beautiful. I had better head back – when the snow melts! Have a great week ahead. Elizabeth


  5. You poor kid. The good news is that your plants are insulated under there, so that if you should (gasp) get frost, they’re protected.
    That’s the only cheerful thing I could come up with. I’ll pray for you.


  6. Wow! You guys did get hit with some snow, didn’t you.
    We haven’t had much snow or ice this winter, but if I don’t see the sunshine soon, I’m going to go bananas!
    Too, too, many grey days in a row!


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