Old & Shiny Bling

I've been mixing old jewelry with cast off belt buckles.


I'm still thinking ahead to my spring wardrobe.



Old jewelry can take a cute old patent leather purse to fabulous.


Bling, Bling!


25 thoughts on “Old & Shiny Bling

  1. Very cute, I love Bling so those are right up my alley. Thanks for sharing, and your Backyard is very cool! Hugs, Diane


  2. Wow!!! I love each piece. GREAT job and it sets the heart soring with inspiration. I would love one of those lovely treasures for my own..
    Have a great week of inpiration and creations.,


  3. I hope these beautiful bags will be a new line coming to your shop. Nieman Marcus needs to know about you! Your creative inspiration is over the top brilliant! Elizabeth


  4. That is just too cute! the belts are adorably yummy! Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile! Had to come see what new things you are up too! Love the cactus boots, i got 2 pair of boots while we lived in texas, one pair are pink ostrich hot and light pink , the other are black on the bottom cream on the top with bronc riders in black on the tops. They can become quite the addiction, my mom used to go up to the justin outlet whenever she could LOL. Have a great day and stay warm.
    luvs and glitter


  5. That purse is the bee’s knees! I have been doing some layering of junky bling for spring brooches. My mom would say they’re gaudy…but I LOVE them. Happy Spring!


  6. these are gorgeous though the idea of doing that to my old brooches gives me the willies. but you must have a much larger stash — would you mind taking a photo of it sometime?


  7. I picked up an orphaned pink vintage earring the other day simply because I knew you would like it, and everything you like is GREAT!
    YOU are the bling queen!


  8. Those are wonderful ideas for antique jewelry. I love collecting old brooches and have a large collection of clip earrings that I do not wear much any more. My wheels are turning now. 🙂 Another thing I like to do too, is in the summer use a long piece of beautiful lace and make a belt out of it and put either a pretty flower or brooch in the front.
    I am glad I found your blog through OWOH. I am going to add your link to my list of links so I can continue visiting you.


  9. How do you attach your bling to the purses and belt buckles? I have been using E-6000 to make some collage jewelry. Do you use glue on the purses?


  10. Oh my, that’s one lovely purse. I can’t believe it’s made from scratches. I also have lots of old jewelry in my house and I don’t know what to do with them. Now I have an idea. Thanks for sharing.


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