Saturday Sewing Tip – Used Dryer Sheets

Don't throw those old dryer sheets away, save a few for your sewing box.  

They come in handy for applique or yo-yo's or any time you need to turn under a tiny edge.

I'm going to make a yo-yo.  Follow along and I'll show you what I'm talking about.






Now this can be used for applique.  I'm going to make a yo-yo.


Used dryer sheets don't add any extra weight or bulk to your piece. 

 Slick eh?

  Green too.  We like that.

13 thoughts on “Saturday Sewing Tip – Used Dryer Sheets

  1. I save mine to use in the bottom of flower pots – stops the potting mix from leaching out the hole when you water!
    Your yoyo idea is great – I hate to throw away stuff that can be reused in great ways.
    Yeah, more snow here this morning too – pretty but come on now, enough is enough here in the south!!
    Hope life is good Suzy.


  2. Great tip! and very clear tutorial!
    I don’t use dryer sheets too often, but I have them put aside, saved them for different projects. It’s amazing the ideas green-crafters have come up with to use these. Now if we can just get the rest of the world to find a good use for them!


  3. That is indeed a great idea…pity we don’t have such things here…we hardly ever use the drier, being sunny and hot and all and I am fairly sure they don’t even sell them in the stores here. I have used them before when I lived in England and admit I tried to copy the idea with baby wipes but somehow it just wasn’t the same.
    Kiss Noises Linda ( yes I do seem to be catching up on a lot of blog posts today)


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