Mullets, Crochet and Beads??

I'm wearing my jewelry making hat this weekend.  My love of vintage jewelry really pulls me towards jewelry creating. 

I love the look of vintage jewelry remodeling.  You know, put together a few vintage pieces to create a stunning new piece.

I've been studying this 1971 craft booklet.


I've also been organizing all my old jewelry stash.  Taking apart a lot of old pieces and sorting the beads.

I've been very inspired by these looks.


The jewelry, not the hairdo. 

That is one hell of a mullet though :->


Here is what I've been coming up with.


14 thoughts on “Mullets, Crochet and Beads??

  1. Good God on the hairdos! Can’t hardly get past them! Love your crochet (crochet-ed?) interpretations. I’ve def decided I like cord over wire for beading these days. Just knotting tho–not clever enough to crochet.
    Again…WOW on the hairdos! I hate to think I was even ALIVE then, lol!


  2. God those are show stoppers!…the jewlery, not the mile high mullet…actually ,that’s a show stopper too. Gorgeous works. Thanks for posting green grass and trees on your header. We’ve forgotten what they look like.
    Dana, Darla & Greg
    the Redneck Junkers


  3. Oh no! I remember those craft books and the hair-dos!!
    YOU are a Winner on my blog for the One World One Heart GiveAway. Congrats!
    Stop by and choose your art print, and send me an address to mail it to.


  4. THAT’S IT !!!! My new hair doo !!! I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect new look ….. and THERE IT IS !!!
    P.S. and love your pretty jewelry too!


  5. I used to have one of those crochet rings! My great aunt used to crochet them. I had a ring and bracelet that matched. Even though I remember that the ring was very uncomfortable! Great blast from the past!


  6. I think I must have blocked it out because I’d forgotten that my mom used to wear her hair like that!
    Love the jewelry, especially the pastel tones. I’ve been working on my knotting lately and it is HARD — do you find crocheting easier or more difficult?


  7. My eyes! My eyes! Actually, I think I’ve seen a few of these ‘dos around here. The mullet still lives here in the South, especially at Wal Mart around 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.
    The colors you’ve used are delicious. I wish I could crochet!


  8. That book looks too cool and fun! I would be crocheting up a storm too. I love your jewelry creations.
    You are so making me want to go get my jewelry boxes out and create something too. I need to do that. I just moved here to Austin not long ago and my jewelry boxes are still not unpacked yet. …But they may be unpacked soon! 😉


  9. BAH HAH HAH HAHAHAHAHA!!! How is hair like that even possible?! I have to say “Bumpits” comes to mind right now. Confession time: I found two beaded/crocheted rings at a local thrift store and I snatched them right up! $2 each. I haven’t worn them yet.
    I heart your jade/red pony pendant. Very pretty!


  10. Oh what a cool book and how bad are those hairstyles?…truly! and they must have taken ages to do their hair like that! The jewellery is gorgeous though and I really loving the pieces you are playing ( I mean designing) with…
    Kiss Noises Linda


  11. hiyall,
    ok, just got a flash back to tammy wynette and her song….stand by your man! goodness….that hair do! will you be going to the mid atlantic quilt fest in hampton this coming weekend? there maybe a couple of flea market/ antique booths there. cute redos on the jewelry!


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