13 thoughts on “In the Queue

  1. There is so much in the queue I should be embarrassed. Ha! But, there is yarn for a Lady Elanor shawl just itching to be knit. ~Kelly
    unDeniably Domestic


  2. I love the red and turquoise combo! In my queue: finishing up a crazy quilt pillow (blue tones) and making St. Pat’s Day paper projects.


  3. Yep, I love the red and aqua combination, too. I still haven’t made the Valentine project I wanted to make … it might be time to move on!


  4. Beautiful color combination! My project bag has a light blue ruffle edged wrap, several posy pins in multi-colors waiting to be sewn together, a crochet shopping bag and little animal pacifier holders.


  5. I Love your current colors, they are so in right now. this is the year of turquoise !!! a few years ago maybe 5 cody foster introduced some holiday stuff in turquoise and red at trade show, it didnt sell, now look its all the rage.Its cheery ,brings life to homes. thanks for showing. Hugs JoAnn S


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