Big Flea Big Day

I needed a Big Flea fix real bad

Bad enough to drive up to Fredericksburg, VA today. 


It turned out to be worth the trip.  These ladies were happy to see me.

But I went for the sparkly stuff today.


What happened to all that turquoise and red from the other day?

IMG_3128 IMG_3131

Those projects are all finished and on their way. 

12 thoughts on “Big Flea Big Day

  1. Hello,
    I really love your aprons…I was admiring some on Flickr the other day. I need a Flea Market fix too! Those dolls are so neat but the costume jewelry would have made me pass on the dolls. :0)
    I can’t remember the last time I visited your blog but I’m glad I came across you again.
    Have a lovely day…
    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥


  2. I’m spending a few days in F’burg this summer and would love your recommendations for the best spots to hit for flea market prices!


  3. Suzy,
    My apron arrived and I love it!! I’m sorry I didn’t stop in sooner to let you know but things around here have been insane! There’s still a good foot of snow on the ground but the apron certainly is brightening my days! It’s amazing & I love it!


  4. Turquoise and red; a great combination. The apron is very sweet. And that bag is beyond perfection! I love the big polka dots and crochet pot holder pocket.


  5. Oh wow! Love the sparkly stuff. I collect those enamel flower pins and fleas are the best places to find them for sure.
    I was wondering if you’d share the location of the flea in Fredricksburg so I can share it with my sister. That’s where her mother in law lives and I know she’d love a distraction when she’s down there lol.
    LOVE your apron!


  6. i can’t wait for spring i need to get to some fleas…that’s a great stash of bling that you found!! the apron and bag you made are really gorgeous!!!


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