Mother’s of Invention

Of course a woman is behind some of the great inventions of our time.

Bette Nesmith Graham for instance.

She invented Liquid Paper, originally called "mistake out".


For 17 years she sold it from her kitchen-garage until in 1979 when she sold it to Gillette for 47.5 million dollars.

Did you recognize the name Nesmith?  Bette was mother to Michael. 


Photo courtesy of nurse marbles

Bette left half her estate to Michael when she passed in 1980 so we have her to thank in part for the popularity today of music video.  Michael invested his inheritance in Pacific Arts Studio, a forerunner in the production of video music.

Mother's of Invention indeed.

10 thoughts on “Mother’s of Invention

  1. Holy cats! Yes, I knew that 🙂 I loved Mike, he was my favorite Monkee. I was super disappointed when I stood around for hours waiting to hear them play at an outdoor reunion concert in ’86. Micheal was no where to be found! It was still a great concert though, had a great standing spot 🙂 And I’m pretty sure I still have my concert program. Should I see if I can rustle it up? 🙂


  2. I spent a pleasant morning a couple of weeks ago digging up old Nesmith songs & videos on YouTube. There’s some goodies… Joanne, Rio, Cruisin’, Different Drum, plus all of the good Mike Monkees’ songs. I met him in Dallas in the 80’s- he was doing a video signing for his “Television Parts” compilation.


  3. I will be singing ‘take the last train to clarksville and I will see you at the station’ all the way to my big girl job in the city…where I used gallons of white out back in the day when I fat fingered my manual typewriter. Geez that does not seem like that long ago.
    Have a great day. deb


  4. I think I have every Monkee album there is! However Mike was my second favorite. I was totally in love with Davy Jones!


  5. I was a huge Monkee fan back in the day! When I saw that your blog was about White Out, the first thought that came to my mind was “hey that’s Mike Nesmith’s mom’s invention!


  6. :-O
    I did not know ANY of that!
    Good Lord but I was an all out FREAK for the Monkeys at six years old! OH I’ll never forget…Davy Jones–my first TRUE love! 🙂


  7. How fun! I didn’t know that! So glad I found your blog tonight–I’m a vintage-loving girl, too. I’ll be back often to say hi & see what your up to…love all that vintage fabric I saw while scrolling down your older posts….yum!
    Hope you had a great day!


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