Quilt Show!!!!

It's here, the event that I look forward to every year. 

The highlight of my winter.

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Extravaganza. 

Extravaganza it is too.  I was there yesterday.  I was there all day today.

I'm going back on Sunday.  Gotta soak it in while it lasts.


I gravitate towards the whimsical displays in the vendor booths.


I do love the new Mary Engelbreit fabrics.  So cute in this quilt.


This little Thimble Quilt really grabbed me.  So much, that I made a purchase related to it for MommaPeach.   If you are reading this Mom, there is a package headed your way :->

There are a lot of treasures to be found at this quilt show.  I will share those later.

Look at this quilt that was on display and won a big fat blue ribbon.  It literally had my mouth hanging open.  I've never seen such fine work or detail in a quilt. 


This was a HUGE quilt too.  I wish you could see it in person. 


Can you appreciate some of this detail?  It is mind blowing, really.  

7 thoughts on “Quilt Show!!!!

  1. My gosh!!!! The work in that last quilt! Incredible! I have a question about the Thimble Quilt….where can I get one???? LOL I love that 1930’s repro colored on made up….just what I am looking for! g


  2. What gorgeous quilts! I just started going to quilt shows a few years ago hear in Dallas and I’m always blown away by the talented quilters!!! Enjoy the rest of your quilty weekend!


  3. Wow, who was the maker of that last quilt…quite amazing…oh, the time it took, never mind the patience. It’s beautiful, and yes, I wish I could see it in person.


  4. I love looking at quilts on display. Now that I’ve made some of my own, I appreciate the details even more! These ones are incredibly detailed!!


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