Quilt Show Goodies

I took one last spin around the Quilt Show today. 

Now it's over for me :-<

It won't be back for a whole long year. 

But I got lots of goodies to remember it by.


I picked out lots of patterns this year and a new book on tile quilting.


I can't believe I picked up so much fabric, but it just adds up before you know it.


I could not resist these layer cake packs.  I fell in love with the line of Plume by Tula Pink. That Dill Blossom from Robert Kaufman is way cool. 

I'm heading upstairs to sew now, see ya.

3 thoughts on “Quilt Show Goodies

  1. Lovely! I’m so jealous. I’ve not been to that show in donkey’s years. I keep telling myself it’s for the best and I reeeeeally need to use up the fabric I’ve got…. Can’t wait to see what you make!


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