Dog Frogs and Flower Frogs

Flea Market Style magazine.  Did ya see it yet?  It's good, very good.

I finally got my hands on a copy (thanks to Sue).

I'm really diggin' this page about the flower frogs.  I am so coveting that metal dog frog.  Never seen that before and probably will never find one.


I had a collection of glass ones, but I let them go a couple of years ago. 

I kept just one. 

It looks like a lotus blossom.  It's so cool, I still love it.

13 thoughts on “Dog Frogs and Flower Frogs

  1. Love your flower frog! I, too, love the FMS magazine and the metal dog frog. I have a collection of frogs but have never seen one like that dog. I did a post about my frogs.
    They are so much fun.


  2. Hey girl! Just wanted to tell you I got to finally pull out my wonderful GeorgiaPeachez purse and wear it this past Sunday. I’m no raving beauty, but IT IS certainly the star. I did post a picture of me holding it on my blog today! It is so well made and I got lots of compliments. Just love it, and so glad my daughter paid attention to what her mamma loves.


  3. I love that magazine. Always feels like a score when I come across it in the grocery store. One of the classes I’m taking at the Mary Engelbreit workshops next month is with Matthew Mead, co-editor of the mag. SO excited!!


  4. I have my copy too – so far, it’s great! Hope they can keep it going for a long, long time. And I’ve never seen flower frog dog either! Maybe it’s the only one… -amy


  5. I finally had a peek at the magazine, too. It’s wonderful!
    Love those flower frogs. I like to use the old metal ones to hold pens or paint brushes on a desk. I love your ceramic lotus blossom one. It’s so unusual and very special. If you’re going to keep just one, that one would be it!


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