Got My Cozy On

I am barely squeaking in under the deadline here. 

I got just a bit distracted when the sun came out this weekend and the temps were warm.


I've got my entry done for Susan's contest and here it is.

Let me show the before first and explain.


This is one of MrPeachez many pieces of black electronics and this one resides in our bedroom.  He has it placed under my antique sewing table.  It's a receiver and he likes to fire it up about, oh maybe, once a year. 

So there it sits all the time, gathering dust.


Now it has a nice and pretty cozy.  I'll call it the ugly black electronics thing dust cozy.  UBETDC


Susan asked all participants in the contest to describe something cozy in our lives.  One of my favorite "cozies" is relaxing on my backyard patio with MrPeachez after a productive day of working in the garden.  

In fact I'm looking forward to exactly that this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Got My Cozy On

  1. Reading your favorite cozy story makes me want to curl up next to Mr. Linenslaceandlattes on my hammock after a long day of gardening and fall asleep watching the sun set. But…back to reality – too cold for awhile here in IL. Thanks for the memory though! deb


  2. What a cleaver and pretty idea. Wish I had thought of it when we had our TV and video box on my old sewing machine in our bedroom. We took it out last year, in an effort to simplify our life, but this is such a great idea as dust is a constant problem with electronic equipment. I may make one for my printer.


  3. Now, that is clever! It gives me a great idea. I have wanted a small, small television for my sewing room and an old sewing table is a perfect idea! Thank you. ~Kelly
    unDeniably Domestic


  4. Great Job! I showed this post to Hubby. He glanced over at his myriad of UBETDC’s and said “oooh nooo”. (I’m so glad they have their own room. There isn’t a cozy big enough.)
    Great problem solving!


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